Podcast as a Tool for Holocaust Research | Galina Lochekhina

Here is the recording of Galina Lochekhina’s lecture “ Podcast as a Tool for Holocaust Research, Education and Commemoration” presented at the webinar “Around the Trauma of the Holocaust” on November 19, 2022.

Galina Lochekhina is the initiator and the producer of “The Holocaust: Three Generations” podcast which was premiered in April 2022. Each episode tells a story about the influence of the Holocaust experience on the life of survivors and their offspring. By mixing archival (mostly recorded by the US Shoah Foundation) testimonies of the survivors who are no longer alive and new interviews with their children and grandchildren, the podcast brings together the experience of three generations who all share common past. The mix of different stories creates a unique composition of voices and narrations which is not common for podcasts about the Holocaust. Being a simulacrum of an intergenerational conversation, the podcast invites three generations to reflect on the most intimate and often the most painful part of their common experience.

In her presentation, Galina Lochekhina describes how a podcast can be used as a tool for understanding the psychological consequences the Holocaust research, education and commemoration.

The webinar „Around the Trauma of the Holocaust” was organized by the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and the Institute of the Social Sciences of SWPS University. Speakers from Denmark, Israel, Burundi, Ukraine and Poland discussed trauma in the context of their own research and the experience of work with people experiencing trauma. We had a possibility to listen to psychologists, pedagogues and historians working with this topic professionally, as well as to find similarities between the consequences of war trauma, regardless of where and when it occurred.