Museum Team

Scientific and Research Department:

Dr. Martyna Grądzka-Rejak – Head of the Scientific and Research Department

Doctor of Humanities, historian, Judaist, pedagogue, graduate of the Institute of History at the Pedagogical University KEN in Krakow and the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He works in the Historical Research Office of the Institute of National Remembrance. Her areas of expertise include the history of Poland in the 20th century, the history of the Holocaust, the fate of national and ethnic minorities, and social history, with a particular focus on the experiences of women and the family. Scholar of the Foundation for Polish Scholarship. Winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for the best dissertation (2016), finalist of the Polityka Science Award.
She is the author of numerous scientific and popular articles and books: An Interrupted Childhood. The fate of the children from the Jewish orphanage at ul. Dietla 64 in Krakow during the German occupation (2012); A Jewish woman in occupied Krakow (1939-1945), nominated for the Historical Book of the Year Award (2017); Holocaust, Memory, Duplicator. The Extermination of the Jews and Polish-Jewish Relations during the Occupation in Second Edition Publications in the People’s Republic of Poland (with Dr. Jan Olaszek; 2020). She is co-editor, among others, of: Elites and Representatives of the Jewish Community during the World War II (1939-1945) (with Dr. Aleksandra Namysło; 2017); Darkness Hides the Earth. Selected Aspects of Research and Teaching on the Holocaust (with Dr. Piotr Trojański; 2019); Repressions for Helping Jews in Occupied Poland during the World War II (with Dr. Aleksandra Namysło, 2019).

Professor Konrad Zieliński – Chief Specialist for pre-war history research
Rabbi David Berman – Scientific Expert
Dr. Jacek Konik – Senior Research Specialist
Dr. Paweł Freus – Senior Research Specialist
Michał Kowalski – Senior Research Specialist
Prof. Anna Zalewska – Senior Research Specialist

Collection Department:

Nikolina Okońska – Visual Documentation Specialist
Maja Gąssowska-Heynemann – associate
Aleksandra Wydro – Iconography Specialist
Janusz Wąż – Iconography Specialist

Education Department:

Dr. Halina Postek – Head of the Education Department

Ethicist, educator, university lecturer. Graduate of the Institute of Philosophy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw. Doctor of Humanities and a longstanding lecturer at the Pedagogical University of Warsaw. Her Jewish subject lectures included History of Polish Jews, Polish-Jewish relations, Jewish Community and Introduction to Judaism. Her research focuses on the Ethics and Pedagogy of the Musar Movement, an ethical-religious movement which developed among Orthodox Lithuanian Jews in mid-nineteenth century. Selected publications:
  1. Musaryzm: miedzy chasydyzmam a haskalą (“The Musar movement: between Hasidism and the Haskalah”), in; Studia Europae Gnesnensia 9/2014, Poznań – Gniezno 2014.
  2. Rola nauki, nauczania i nauczyciela w tradycji żydowskiej (“The role of learning, teaching and the teacher in the Jewish tradition”), in: Pedagogika dialogu, Nauczyciele dialogu (The pedagogy of dialogue, teachers of dialogue), Warsaw 2011.
  3. “Dialog chrześcijańsko-judaistyczny” (“The Christian-Jewish Dialogue”), in: Pedagogika dialogu. Doświadczenie dialogu w rzeczywistości XXI wieku (“The pedagogy of dialogue. Experiencing dialogue in the realities of the 21st century”), Warsaw 2010.

dr Wiesława Młynarczyk – Chief Education Specialist
Maria Makarova – Senior Education Specialist

Exhibitions Departement:

Dr. Katarzyna Nowakowska-Sito – Head of the Exhibitions Departement

Art historian, graduate of the University of Warsaw and doctoral student at the Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. 1992-2011 Curator of Modern Art Collections at the National Museum in Warsaw, 2013-2015 Deputy Director for Exhibitions and Collections at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 2016-2021 Member of the Central Exhibition Team at the Museum of Polish History. Author of numerous scientific publications and exhibitions, and lecturer, including postgraduate courses in art history at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Specialisation: Polish and European art of the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries, with special emphasis on the art of 1918-1939 in the context of international relations and political and social history; museology and exhibition. Selected publications in recent years:
  1. “Lata 30. Kryzys czy nowy początek: (The 1930s. Crisis or New Beginning) [in:] Wobec nowej rzeczywistości. Studia z Historii Sztuki (In the Face of the New Reality. Studies in the History of Art), Łódź-Warsaw 2020, pp. 141-154.
  2. Nowakowska-Sito, Katarzyna. Sztuka dwudziestolecia. Formy i konteksty (The Art of the Twentieth Years. Forms and Contexts), ed. K. Flera-Iwaniek. Warsaw: NCK, 2019.
  3. “Ludomir Sleńdziński’s Trips to Italy 1923-1925.” Roczniki Humanistyczne KUL. Selected Papers in English (Annals of Humanities of the Catholic University of Lublin. Selected Papers in English), vol. 67, no. 4, 2019, p. 81-101.
  4. “Sztuka II Rzeczypospolitej – trwanie i dziedzictwo dwudziestolecia” (The Art of the Second Republic of Poland – the Duration and Legacy of the Twenty Years) [in:] Dziedzictwo II Rzeczypospolitej (The Legacy of the Second Polish Republic). Warsaw: Polish History Museum, 2019, pp. 318-347.
  5. „Sztuka polska 1918-1939: bilans dokonań i twórczego dziedzictwa” (Polish Art 1918-1939: the Balance of Achievements and Creative Heritage) [in:] Siłą naszego ducha jesteśmy. Eseje o niepodległej (We Are the Strength of Our Spirit. Essays on the Independent), edited by R. Wiśniewski. Warsaw: National Centre for Culture 2019, pp. 465-510.
  6. „Dwie dekady sztuki 1918-1939” (Two Decades of Art 1918-1939) [in:] Oblicza niepodległej (Faces of the Independent). Warsaw: Polish History Museum, 2018, pp. 262-299.
  7. “Tamara Łempicka – the Polish Context,” Ikonotheka 25: 2015, pp. 245-264, published by the Institute of Art History, University of Warsaw.

Anna Artymowska – Senior Specialist

Press office / Communication Department:

Katarzyna Brzezińska – Head of the Communication Department, spokeswoman for the Warsaw Ghetto Museum
Agata Olenderek – Communication Specialist
Joanna Bakoń – Communication Specialist
Anna Szocik –  Senior Promotion Specialist

Administration and Organization Department:

Marta Krakowska – Head of the Administration and Organization Department
Marcin Bartosiewicz – Administrative and Organizational Specialist
Wisława Hordyniec-Janusz – Administrative and Organizational Specialist

Museum Security and Internal Control Department:

dr Rafał Batkowski – Head of the Museum Security and Internal Control Department
Ryszard Garbarz – Deputy Head of the Museum Security and Internal Control Department

Accounting and HR Department:

Agnieszka Świderska –Senior HR and Payroll Specialist
Iwona Świtkowska – Senior Accounting and Payroll Specialist

Legal Department:

Monika Pajura – Head of the Legal Department, Attorney-at-law
Michał Muszyński – Attorney-at-law

Teleinformatics Department:

Robert Gola – Deputy Head of the Teleinformatics Department
Kacper Szachta – associate

Economic Department:

Agata Grabowska-Alexandrowicz – Chief of the Economic Department

Investment Department:

Mariola Marczak – Deputy Head of the Investment Department

Data Protection Officer:

Maciej Dziewulski – Data Protection Inspector