Holocaust Trauma from the Perspective of a Psychotherapist’s Clinical Practice | Jonathan Britmann

Here is the recording of Dr. Jonathan Britmann’s lecture “Holocaust Trauma from the Perspective of a Psychotherapist’s Clinical Practice” presented at the webinar “Around the Trauma of the Holocaust” on November 19, 2022.

Jonathan Britman, DMsc, is a psychotherapist, supervisor and clinical psychology specialist. For the last 15 years, he has been working in the Psychiatric Hospital in Tworki where he is now the head of the Community Mental Health Center Department. In his practice, he is using the methods of community and social psychiatry as well as humanistic psychology. Dr. Britmann is the head of the Polish Society of Clinical Psychology, a university lecturer and the author of numerous articles about psychiatry and psychology.

In his presentation, Dr. Britmann has tempted to systemize the problems his Jewish and Polish patients face with, in the context of broadly defined Jewish identity and the society’s reactions to it.

The webinar „Around the Trauma of the Holocaust” was organized by the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and the Institute of the Social Sciences of SWPS University. Speakers from Denmark, Israel, Burundi, Ukraine and Poland discussed trauma in the context of their own research and the experience of work with people experiencing trauma. We had a possibility to listen to psychologists, pedagogues and historians working with this topic professionally, as well as to find similarities between the consequences of war trauma, regardless of where and when it occurred.