Gallery 6 | The Family in the Ghetto

Here is our new video about the sixth gallery of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum permanent exhibition.

The inhabitants of the ghetto came from different social classes and groups, differed in terms of economic status, and represented different professional and even religious milieux. It is therefore difficult to speak of a single typical family model in the ghetto.

Nevertheless, most Jewish families lived in extremely limited spaces, in one room or part of a room, often shared with other families and complete strangers. The consequences of war and the peculiar conditions in the ghetto were also conducive to the formation of informal relationships, with people entering into new relations after parting with or losing their partners.

In addition to satisfying the need for intimacy and helping to cope with everyday life, relationships helped people meet their basic needs, made it possible to care for children in the absence of one of the parents, and increased people’s sense of security, especially for women and minors.

The gallery will illustrate different circumstances of family life, the life of married couples and of those in informal relationships in the Warsaw Ghetto.

The film features the gallery curator, dr Daniela Ozacky-Stern.