Gallery 10 | The Uprising

Here is our new video about the 10th gallery of the MGW permanent exhibition — The Uprising.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, today commemorated in several sites in Warsaw, is one of the most symbolic and famous events in the history of the Holocaust. The aim of the gallery is to present the history of the uprising in the relevant historical context and in relation to the wider narrative on the history of the Warsaw Ghetto. The gallery touches on Polish attitudes towards the uprising and the issue of the limited aid provided to the fighters by the Polish underground (mainly the Home Army [AK] and People’s Guard [GL]) A significant part of the gallery discusses the organization structure and activity of ŻOB and ŻZW, their combat operations and the widespread nature of Jewish resistance, and life in the ghetto during the uprising.

The original Stroop Report – one of the most important documents concerning the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Holocaust – will be presented in this gallery.