Warsaw’s rich past – photo report on the opening of the WGM’s exhibition

“Uncovering Warsaw – Three Views” is the Warsaw Ghetto Museum’s fourth outdoor exhibition. Displays with photograph boards were erected in Grzybowski Square on 8 September.

The exhibition’s curator is Dr Magdalena Piecyk, deputy head of the WGM’s Exhibition Department. These three portraits make up the image, history, and culture of contemporary Warsaw. Twelve boards erected in Grzybowski Square present the transformations that twelve places in downtown Warsaw have undergone – Bank Square, streets: Złota, Chłodna, Leszno, Gęsia, Zielna, Graniczna, and Królewska, as well as Iron-Gate Square and Mirów Market, the Synagogue at Tłomackie Street, and Grzybowski Square.

The photographs come from the collections of the Jewish Historical Institute, the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the State Archives of Warsaw, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Mazovia Province Warsaw Monument Conservator, the Polish Press Agency, Foundation 39, the Library of Congress, and the National Library.

After the vernissage, a Varsavianist stroll in the footsteps of the places presented in the photographs took place. It was led by Jagna Kofta, sociologist and educator from the WGM’s Education Department.

Maja Nowak is the author of the photographs.

Anna Kilian