War is coming

“My mother shouted in Yiddish: where is my husband?” – says Wacław Izaak Kornblum (born 1926), a Survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, author of the book ‘Memories. My version’. The first film of ‘ The Message’ series, entitled War is coming, collects accounts of the outbreak of World War II, the bombing of Warsaw and the situation of Jewish citizens under German occupation in the period preceding the establishment of the ghetto. We also see Barbara Marlow (born 1931) – a Survivor who participated in the Warsaw Uprising as a member of the scout movement and a Survivor Marian Kalwary (born 1930).

Created from material recorded during the implementation of the project of the Education Department of the WGM ‘The Home Army on the tragedy of Polish Jews’, which is part of the program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – ‘Independent’.

From the interviews recorded at that time, we chose parts concerning the uprising and functioning of the Warsaw Ghetto – from the moment of its creation to its tragic end, as well as statements about pre-war, Jewish-Polish Warsaw.

The message is the main thought contained in someone’s statement – each of us can find it in a different part of the presented memories.