Visual identity for the Warsaw Ghetto Museum is worth its weight in gold

During the Lithuanian edition of the ADC festival, the project of DADADA Studio – which won last year’s international competition organised by the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and the Polish Association of Applied Graphic Designers, namely the system developed for our institution – won the most important prize in the category: visual identity 

3 September 2020

ADC (Art Directors Club) is an international organisation, founded in New York in 1920. It brings together design professionals and art directors associated with advertising. It organises exhibitions and awards prizes, also for designers in individual countries, outside the USA.

23 European countries belong to ADC, says Simona Didvalyte, Studio Manager and New Business Director at DADADA Studio. Lithuania is one of them. And now, for the first time, the local prizes were awarded in Vilnius.  The DADADA Studio submitted its three projects, which were awarded the Silver and Gold Prizes in the category of visual identity. Our project for your institution, for the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, won gold.  

The Silver Prize was awarded to the DADADA Studio for the original identity system prepared for the common stand of the Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – at the annual International Book Fair in London (London Book Fair 2018).

A month ago we won another extremely important award”, adds Simona Didvalyte. “We received the Graphite Pencil – Silver Award – in the category of branding for the Warsaw Ghetto Museum from D&DA, an association of creative designers, based in London. We are very happy and proud! 

Anna Kilian

Photo ADC Lietuva