The area of the Warsaw Ghetto in the Municipal Register of Monuments

On October 6, 2021, the Warsaw Ghetto area was included in the Municipal Register of Monuments. From now on, any building permit must be coordinated with the Provincial Conservator, which means increased archaeological protection of the former ghetto area and the historical artefacts that are still in its area.

I am very glad that the area of the former Warsaw Ghetto has finally been included in the municipal register of monuments in the capital city of Warsaw. It is also a great success for the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, which was involved in this project – says the director of the WGM, Albert Stankowski – thanks to which it will be possible to preserve the relics of the ghetto, which are still in this area, and to prevent situations similar to the one that occurred in January 2021 when the media reported that objects found on the construction site within the boundaries of the former Warsaw Ghetto were illegally taken abroad to Poland.

Beginning in 2018, the Warsaw Ghetto Museum participated in consultations with the offices of the Warsaw Monument Conservator and the State Monument Conservator by, among other things, identifying sites of special historical significance on the site of the former ghetto and preparing a report on the current condition of the buildings left over from the ghetto. The institution also conducted research on the changes in the ghetto boundaries over the years, the results of which were forwarded to the Conservator’s Office.