Tender for the construction of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum. Bid opening.

Three bids were received within the tender procedure for the project entitled: “Construction of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum“, along with the design of a permanent exhibition and obtaining the required arrangements and administrative decisions, as well as design supervision”. The outcome of the proceeding will be determined by the tender committee.

Three contractors applied for the tender:

  1. KB – Projekt Konstrukcyjne sp. z o.o.
  2. Consortium: New Amsterdam sp. z o.o. (Consortium Leader) Pracownie konserwacyjne Zabytków “ARKONA” sp. z o.o. (Consortium Partner)
  3. Consortium: WXCA sp. z.o.o. (Consortium Leader) 22 Architekci sp. z o.o. (Consortium Partner)

“The main duties of the tender committee will be to assess how the substantive goals are to be implemented; this primarily includes the consistency and adequacy of the adopted project solutions, as well as the scope and way in which the substantive guidelines for the permanent exhibition will be implemented, including the compliance of any such concepts with the regulations on working with facilities under conservation protection,” said Joanna Dudelewicz, WGM’s Deputy Director for Economic and Organisational Matters and Investment Projects, the Head of the tender committee.

The committee includes, among others: Prof. Andrzej Betlej – Director of the Wawel Royal Castle; Dr Eleonora Bergman – architecture historian and former Director of the Jewish Historical Institute; Prof. Andrzej Koss – conservator, Director of the Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; architect Krzysztof Ozimek – member of the SARP (The Association of Polish Architects) board and Hanna Węgrzynek – WGM’s Deputy Director for Scientific and Exhibition Matters.

The most advantageous bid will be selected within 60 days from the opening of submissions. Formal and legal evaluation is currently being conducted.

The Contractor will have 15 months from the date of signing the agreement with the Ordering Party to prepare a multi-sectoral construction project and obtain a valid construction permit. Under the agreement, both technical and executive designs of the Exhibition must be prepared as well.

The Project Contractor is obliged to observe the budget limit. The value of the investment project, including the implementation of the Exhibition, cannot exceed PLN 100 million gross (with the value of the permanent exhibition not exceeding PLN 20 million gross, and the remaining amount being intended for construction and installation works, as well as the initial equipment).

The opening of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum is scheduled to take place in late 2024.

Warsaw, 28.01.2021