Report on the mock-up construction course for children

On 12 January, a course on building mock-ups of selected Jewish architecture facilities, organised for children by the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and the Chai Foundation, was launched.

Twenty-three children aged 9 to 14 attended the first class at the Blue City centre. The free course is run by an architect, Mr Sławomir Drążkiewicz, and his team. Several months of work for children in the construction of mock-ups are ahead of them, but also a studio trip to Tykocin is planned. All mock-ups – together with the mock-up of the future seat of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, Bersohn and Bauman Children`s Hospital – will be presented during the exhibition closing the course. The class takes place from January to June.

Anna Kilian

Photos by the WGM

Translated by: Michał Nowakowski (LIDEX)