Photo coverage | Premiere of the video-installation “The Divided City”

This year’s first screening of  “The Divided City” artistic video-installation by Karolina fender Nosińska / jajkofilm took place at Grzybowski Square in Warsaw on November 16, 2022.

The video installation is a part of the program commemorating the 82nd anniversary of the closing of the Warsaw Ghetto borders organized jointly with the The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The premiere was preceded by a performance of „Kapela Klezmerska” band from the Polish Theatre (Teatr Polski) in Warsaw under Ben Marhuli’s direction.

The artistic video installation by Karolina fender Noińska // jajkofilm consists of archive photographs showing the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto. The figures depicted there appear on the façade of Majer Wolanowski’s tenement building at Próżna 14 St., which in 1940 was located within the boundaries of the so-called Jewish residential quarter. The project aims to make the viewer reflect on the fate of the Warsaw Ghetto and its residents. In a way, the choice of one of the few buildings which survived the occupation recalls the tragic end of the Ghetto Uprising, when almost the entire area was razed to the ground. The residents of the city behind the wall, the evidence of whose presence was supposed to be destroyed, will be recalling their history during the screening of the video installation.

The video-installation “The Divided City” was created specially for the 81st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto borders closing. This year, the screening will take place every day till November 22, between 5pm and 10pm.