Photo Coverage | Israeli Delegation in MGW

On November 17, 2022 the Warsaw Ghetto Museum hosted Herzel Makov, Director of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, and Anna Raduchowska-Brochwicz, Director of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv.

The guests first visited the WGM office where they met with the Director Albert Stankowski, Vice-Director Hanna Wróblewska, Head of Exhibitions Department Dr. Katarzyna Nowakowska-Sito, Chief Historian prof. Daniel Blatman and Scientific Expert rabbi David Berman. The WGM team told them about the institution’s achievements and shared the museum’s plans regarding the permanent exhibition.

The delegation then went to see the area of the excavations which were conducted by WGM in the Warsaw district of Muranów, between Miła, Dubois, Niska and Karmelicka streets. They were guided by historian and archaeologist Dr. Jacek Konik of the MGW Scientific Department who was also the manager of the excavation process. Mr. Konik talked about the archaeological research and provided information about the artifacts found during the excavations.

The visit finished by the tour around the former Bersohn and Bauman’s Hospital at Śliska 51/Sienna 60 Str., the WGM future seat. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Paweł Freus from the Scientific Department. Mr. Freus presented the history of this institution and the fate of the building from the late 19th century to our days.

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem is a memorial to the Israeli politician, the prime minister of Israel in 1977-1983. Menachem Begin (1913-1942) was born in Brest (now Belarus); he studied in Warsaw and was imprisoned by the NKVD in Vilnius. In 1942, after his release under the Sikorski-Mayski agreement, he joined Ander’s Army and arrived in Jerusalem as its member. There, he joined a group fighting for Israel’s independence and became involved in political activities.

The Center’s museum, officially opened in 2004, presents photographs, documents and other historical materials which tell the story of one of the greatest Israeli leaders of the 20th Century.

The Polish Institute in Tel Aviv was founded in 2000. The main goal of the institution is promoting Polish culture in Israel and making the cooperation between the cultural institutions in Poland and Israel possible.