Photo coverage | A Walk in the Footsteps of the Small Ghetto Inselbergs

On January 23, the Warsaw Ghetto Museum organized the first Varsavianist walk in 2022 – “Inselbergs in the Small Ghetto”.

The WGM Education Specialist Masha Makarova led the group along the following route: from the entrance of the former Bersoh nand Bauman Children’s Hospital at 60 Sienna St to the intersection with Twarda, then Złota Street and from there back to Sienna. One of the highlights of the walk, which lasted over two hours, was the preserved fragment of the prayer house of the tzadik from Góra Kalwaria, Icchak Meir Alter. Also on the programme were: several fragments of the preserved ghetto walls, including one that is unmarked but survived the war; new architectural solutions using inselbergs from the area of the former ghetto; the famous tenement house “under the sailing ship” in Sienna Street; the building where the only legally operating university in the ghetto was located; the tenement house where the composer Mieczysław Wajnberg was born and lived before the war; one of the latest murals dedicated to Jewish Warsaw – on the back of a pre-war tenement house. Many thanks to all who participated!

We invite you to join us for the next Varsavianist Walk, which will be held on February 20, 2022. Follow our website and Facebook where you will soon find detailed information.