IHRA – education about the Holocaust

The Ministry of National Education was among the first ones in the world to translate IHRA’s Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust following the consultations with the Ministry of National Education’s Holocaust Education Advisory Council. Additionally, the official translation was shared with the IHRA Office, which has already posted it on its website

6 November

The “Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust” reflect the extensive knowledge of delegates from more than 30 member states. The Recommendations are intended to provide teachers, practitioners and policymakers with a reference document to help them in such matters as:

  1. Developing knowledge to enable a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and raise awareness of the consequences of anti-Semitism;
  2. Building an educational environment that encourages people to learn about the Holocaust;
  3. Promoting critical and reflective thinking about the Holocaust, including the ability to react to Holocaust denial and distortion;
  4. Conducting Human Rights education and preventing genocide.

The translation of IHRA’s Recommendations was prepared by the Centre for Education Development.

It seems that IHRA’s goal – to adopt and promote a unified text of the Recommendations in all 34 member states – is also symbolic and meant to show that the memory of the Shoah should unite people and not divide them.


The Recommendations have also been made available on the website of the Education Development Centre of the Ministry of Education:  https://www.ore.edu.pl/2020/07/wytyczne-do-nauczania-o-holokauscie-w-wersji-polskojezycznej/.

Photo: IHRA