Handover of the construction site to the General Contractor

On 23 October 2023 at 12 am Albert Stankowski, director of Warsaw Ghetto Museum, officially handed over the contruction site of the future building of the Museum – the Bersohn and Bauman Hospital. The symbolic key was given to Rajmund Adamietz, Owner of Adamietz Group, President of Management Board of Adamietz Sp. z o. o. and Wojciech Gerber, President of Management Board of ADAMIETZ Warszawa sp. z o. o.

The symbolic handover of the keys is another big step on the way to the creation of Warsaw Ghetto Museum.

“In 30 months in this building, we hope to open, with God’s help, the building of the Museum along with its permanent exhibition. This museum is very much needed, especially in today’s day and age when words of hatred continue to be spoken. On Saturday, we heard in Warsaw the words, “Cleanse the world of Jews.” It was very painful for us. It was terrifying for me, a descendant of a Holocaust Survivor. In such moments, I always think that the one thing that can change the world is education. And this Museum, the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, will tell the story of the people who died but who wanted to convey something important to us. To make the world a better, happier place, to live in peace,”  said the director of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, Albert Stankowski.

Marian Turski, a representative of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum Council and a Holocaust Survivor, shared the following words:

“I am immensely pleased that the construction of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum has reached another stage. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. While celebrating the progress of the Museum’s construction, I would like to emphasize that, in light of recent events such as Hamas attacks on Jewish settlements in Israel and the global reactions to these events, including a recent demonstration in Warsaw where slogans were raised suggesting that people like me should be thrown in the trash, it is clear that Holocaust education is more crucial now than ever.”