“Ghetto Burning” | New Comic Book and Open-Air Exhibition

We are happy to announce that  the comic book “Ghetto burning. The Story of Women Liaison Officers During The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” by Tomasz Bereźnicki has been published and is available at the Museum store. You are also welcome to visit an open-air exhibition of the same at Grzybowski Square. The exhibition curated by Paweł Freus from the Warsaw Ghetto Museum will last till December 29, 2023.

Tomasz Bereźnicki’s publication is one of a handful of graphic novels in Polish about the dramatic plight of the Warsaw Ghetto insurgents. What makes it even more extraordinary is the fact that we learn about the tragic events of 1943 through the story of three young Jewish girls, former playmates, who decide to put up armed resistance against Nazi terror. The story is narrated by Daniela, a liaison and nurse with the Jewish Combat Organisation, who has miraculously survived the German raid on the bunker at 18 Miła St.

Through her account, we discover the history of the ghetto from its creation, through the daily life of its inhabitants, to the events at the Umschlagplatz in the summer of 1942 and the deportations of Jews to the death camp at Treblinka. We follow the brutality and ruthlessness of the German oppressors and the heroic struggle of the young insurgents, who by now know full well what kind of fate awaits them and are ready to die defending the ghetto.

The publication marks the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. We hope that it will remain a long-time testimony of the commemorations.