Gallery 11: 1944-1946 – The Final Wartime Days of the Hospital

Here is our new video about the 11th gallery of the WGM permanent exhibition — “1944-1946 – The Final Wartime Days of the Hospital”.

The hospital building a witness of a dramatic history, survived the war. After 1943 the hospital building preserves the memory of ghetto, the Jews who lived in hiding, the Warsaw concentration camp (KL Warschau) established by the Germans in the ruins of the ghetto, the 1944 Warsaw uprising and the surviving ŻOB fighters that took part in it, and of the research undertaken by a handful of Jewish historians immediately after the end of German occupation when the Central Committee of Polish Jews placed the first part of the Oyneg Shabes archive found in September 1946 in the hospital building.

The image of Warsaw in ruins had been engraved in the memory of surviving Jews, who started to return to the city in 1945. Having survived the ghetto period, the hospital building was one of only a handful of surviving buildings belonging to Jewish institutions. The last gallery should bring all the elements of the puzzle together in a single narrative about the former Jewish hospital building.

The video features Prof. Konrad Zieliński, the gallery curator.