Archaeological site available till the end of October!

The archaeological site will be available for visitors on weekends between 11 am – 4pm till the end of October.

During the excavation works in the summer of 2022, archeologists  have found several thousands of artifacts, including the religious cult objects, such as fragments of the Jewish prayer books, tefillin or a cup for the ritual dish-washing. They have also found the basements of the 19th century tenement houses, which had been ruined during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising or right after it. Next to Miła 20/Muranowska 41, the fragments of a construction which most probably was a part of the so-called ‘Anielewicz’s Bunker’ have been found.

The bunker, situated at former 18 Miła Street, had been initially used by smugglers attempting to deliver necessary supplies to the ghetto and those who could afford paying for a place in such a hideout. Then, during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, it served as the Jewish Fighting Organization (ŻOB) hideout. It was there where the ŻOB leaders, including Mordechaj Anielewicz, were hiding. On May 8, 1943, surrounded by the German Nazi and left without an opportunity to fight, they committed mass suicide.