Ambassador of Switzerland in the Warsaw Ghetto Museum

On February 1, 2023 the Warsaw Ghetto Museum had an honor to host Ambassador of Switzerland to Poland Mr. Fabrice Filliez.

Fabrice Filliez met with the WGM Director Albert Stankowski who told him about the mission of the institution, the research conducted by the Museum staff and the vision of the Museum’s permanent exhibition. After the meeting, which took place in the WGM office, the guest had a tour around the former Bersohn and Bauman Hospital, the future office of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum.

Mr. Filliez expressed interest in the Museum’s activities and provided his support for the “We Collect. We build. We remember” campaign which is based on collecting objects and archive materials concerning the history of the Warsaw Ghetto and other ghettos on the territory of occupied Poland.

The guest received a copy of a book of Bronisław Erlich’s memories titles “The Jewish Kid of Warsaw” (“Żydowskie dziecko Warszawy”). The author, who used to live at Nalewki Street in Warsaw, escaped to the east in the beginning of the occupation. After the war, he emigrated to Israel and then left to Switzerland where he has been living till today.