Along the Warsaw Jews’ memorial trail

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum, in cooperation with the Polish Underground State Foundation, is going to prepare an online education guide to the places of remembrance, martyrdom, and battle of Polish-Jewish citizens.

The agreement has been signed by the Director of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum Albert Stankowski and the President of the Polish Underground State Foundation Sławomir Pocztarski. The guide will serve as an educational tool and provide information on topic related to the martyrology of Jews who lived in Warsaw and its vicinity. Each of the memorial sites will have its own website with a description and questions – the guide is, in fact, also a type of a game – as well as GPS coordinates. The location will be displayed on a map and in a table. The places are to be marked in three different ways: with information boards, plates with QR codes, and beacons with descriptions and test questions.

The software will be available on smartphones, tablets, etc., together with free software for scanning QR codes and beacons.

The guide will probably be released next year.

Anna Kilian