In April 2023, the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto  Uprising, is planning to open a permanent exhibition in the building of the former Bersohn and Bauman Hospital.  In connection with this, we would like to turn with an  urgent appeal to the citizens of the city, history’s  witnesses, to share their memories of the Ghetto or the Hospital,  the capital’s pre-war residents, and the Warsaw Ghetto. We are also looking for relics related to the Warsaw Ghetto and other ghettos in occupied Poland.  Anyone in possession of objects of historical value,  everyday objects, documents, photographs, or letters,  willing to make them available for the Museum’s  permanent exhibition, is invited to the office of the  Warsaw Ghetto Museum at 39 Zielna St. Please contact us in advance by telephone at: +48 22 419 92 50 (Monday  to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 5 p.m. or by e-mail: