WGM Director Albert Stankowski in Madrid

Albert Stankowski, Director of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, went to Spain at the invitation of the Polish Institute in  Madrid. The trip was connected with the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the opening of the exhibition “City of the Living / City of the Dead”.

During his stay in Spain, Albert Stankowski visited the exhibition „Mauthausen: Memorias Compartidas” („Mauthausen: Common Memories”) in Centro Sefarad Israel. He then met representatives of the Polish Institute in Madrid and gave interviews to Spanish media, telling them about the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and providing information about the concept of the permanent exhibition.

WGM Director participated in the vernissage of the “City of the Living / City of the Dead” exhibition which took place on April 25 in Circulo de Bellas Artes. Ambassador of Poland in Spain Anna Sroka, Ambassador of Israel in Spain Rodica Radian-Gordon and Director of the Polish Institute in Madrid Gabierla Słowińska were also present at the exhibition opening.

“I am deeply impressed by the keen interest of the Spanish side in the subject of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. During my stay in Madrid, I took part in numerous meetings with Spanish journalists and also met students of the Faculty of History in the Complutense University of Madrid”, Mr. Stankowski said.

The evening ended with the performance by a Klezmer band Bester Quartet.

“City of the Living / City of the Dead” is a photographic project by Robert Wilczyński. It consists of 20 panels where archival photographs from the ghetto area (from the collections of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum) are presented together with images of present-day Warsaw. The photographs are accompanied on the panels by selected source texts. These are taken, for example, from diaries and records made in the Warsaw Ghetto, documenting the lives and deaths of its inhabitants in the years 1940-1942.

The exhibition curated by Paweł Freus from the WGM Scientific Department is also available in Warsaw where it can be seen at the fence of the former Bersohn and Bauman Hospital.

The exhibition in Madrid will be available till May 25, 2023. It is now presented in the Galileo Center of Culture (Centro Cultural Galileo).