Tadeusz Borowski II

The second part of Tadeusz Borowski’s memoirs about the period of German occupation in Łódź. “I could not stand the fact that those I knew were going to the ghetto and I really wanted to go with them,” he says. He did not go with them, but helped hide a Jewish ghetto refugee who found shelter in the attic of an flat building occupied by, among others, German tenants.

We invite you to watch the next series of film interviews conducted as part of the multi-year program “Independent” for 2017–2022. This time, residents of Warsaw, Łódź, Vilnius, Nowogródek, Oświęcim, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Tykocin and Bliżyn shared their memories. They told about their Jewish neighbors, about the events of a common – and from a certain point of their own history, which remained in their memory.

The series of 10 interviews was prepared by the Education Department and is part of the activities of #MGWonline. The project was funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.