Photo coverage from the author’s meeting “The Warsaw Ghetto. Places and People”

On Friday, August 27, a meeting to promote the publications of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum was held under the leadership of Dr. Jacek Konik and Dr. Wiesława Młynarczyk. Four books published so far were discussed: “Bersohn and the Bauman Hospital” by Dr. Hanna Węgrzynek and prof. Konrad Zieliński, “Jurek” by Ryszard Walewski, “The Jewish Child of Warsaw” by Bronisław Erlich and “Memories. My Version” of Wacław Kornblum. The first two publications were presented by Dr. Hanna Węgrzynek, the third by Łukasz Korwin and the last by the author himself, Wacław Kornblum – Holocaust Survivor, Witness to History.