Iddo Netanyahu’s visit

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum was visited yesterday by Iddo Netanyahu, the winner of the President of the Capital of Warsaw Price for the play “Don Samuel Abravanel” in the Szymon Szurmiej International Competition.

The competition was organized by the Shalom Foundation and the Jewish Theater of Estera Rachel and Ida Kamińska. The Warsaw Ghetto Museum was a partner of this initiative.

Iddo Netanyahu expressed his interest in the plans to establish the Warsaw Ghetto Museum and to show him the role of the Jewish Military Union in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. He also visited the former Bersohn and Bauman Children’s Hospital, where a permanent exhibition is to be set up.

Iddo Netanyahu is engaged on a daily basis not only in writing, but especially in the practice of medicine. He lives in Kinneret, Israel. His father was Israeli historian and Zionist activist Bencijon Netanyahu, who was born Bensyjon Milejkowski in Warsaw in 1910.