Field Seminar for Teachers | “In the Footsteps of Operation Reinhardt”

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum invites teachers and educators to a free field seminar “In the Footsteps of Operation Reinhardt” on March 26–27, 2022.

Jews in Lublin rounded up before their deportation (Yad Vashem)

On March 17, 1942, “Operation Reinhardt” began – a perfectly planned operation to systematically murder the entire Jewish population of the Generalgouvernement and later the Białystok district, to use the victims’ labor and loot their property. The operation was probably named after Reinhard Heydrich, the organizer of the Wannsee Conference and the main architect of the Holocaust. The SS and police commander in the Lublin district, SS –Brigadefuehrer Odilo Globocnik, was appointed its leader. During Operation Reinhardt, Jews were murdered both in their places of residence and in extermination camps – such as Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka and the camps designated as concentration camps: Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau. In total, about 1.85 million Jews, mostly citizens of the Republic of Poland, died during Operation Reinhardt, which lasted until the end of 1943.

Program of the seminar

Saturday, March 26
7.15 – pick-up at Bankowy Square at the monument to Juliusz Słowacki
7.30–10.00 drive to Lublin
10.00–14.00 lecture and walk “In the footsteps of Operation Reinhardt” – prof. Dariusz Libionka
14.15–15.00 lunch
15.00–16.00 visit to the “Grodzka Gate”
16.00–18.30 – guided walk “Jewish Lublin”
18.45 – check-in at the hotel (Dom na Podwalu)
19.30 – dinner

Sunday, March 27
8.00 – breakfast
9.00–10.00  – visit to the museum in Majdanek
10.00–11.00  – transfer to Trawniki
11.00–13.00  – visit to the site of the former labor camp in Trawniki  – Agnieszka and Piotr Sewruków
13.00–13.45 lunch in Trawniki
Approx. 13.45  – 15.15 drive to Poniatowa
15.15–16.15 visit to the memorials of the forced labor camp in Poniatowa
Approx. 18.30 Return to Warsaw

Registrations to the e-mail address by March 10.