A Walk and a Mobile Field Game Dedicated to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Education Department of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum has started preparing a mobile game on the history of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

During a tour of Warsaw, the Good Games team, which will take care of the technical and content aspects of the game, visited the most important sites related to the Uprising – including the memorial to the evacuation of the ghetto fighters at 51 Prosta Street. At this place, on the “Aryan side”, on May 10, 1943, insurgents of the Jewish Combat Organization emerged from the canal, led out of the burning ghetto by Kazik Ratajzer with the help of Polish workers of the city water supply. The premiere of the game for school classes and for all those interested in the history of the Warsaw Ghetto will take place in April this year on the occasion of the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

photo: Robert Wilczyński (WGM)