“Standing up straight, unbent… Natan Rapoport and The Ghetto Heroes Monument”

Nathan Rapoport graduated in 1936 from Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts. In the same year he was awarded the main prize in a nationwide competition entitled “Sport in Art” for his sculpture “The Tennis Player”. He survived World War II in the USSR, i.a. in Novosibirsk gulag. The Monument to the Ghetto Heroes was unveiled on April 19, 1948. In 1959, Nathan Rapoport settled permanently in New York. The artist’s most famous works include: Mordechaj Anielewicz’s monument (1951) in Yad Mordechai kibbutz, the Scroll of Fire (1971) in the Forest of the Martyrs near Jerusalem, the Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs (1964) in Philadelphia, Korczak’s Last Walk on the façade of the synagogue on Park Avenue in New York, and Liberation Monument in Liberty Park in New Jersey (1985) which commemorates the Holocaust and US Army soldiers who liberated Jews from Nazi concentration camps.

The exhibition, organized in cooperation with the Social and Cultural Society of Jews in Poland, was opened on the 76th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.